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imgU8 Joe Chinnici Tel. 216.272.8482
imgU9 Dani Giulvezan Tel. 216-926-3769
imgU10 Dani Giulvezan Tel. 216-926-3769
imgU11 Mary Del Valle Tel. 216.339.0688
imgU12 Bob Laws Tel. 216-272-2379
imgU13 Dani Giulvezan Tel. 216-926-3769
imgU14 Mary Del Valle Tel. 216.339.0688
imgU15 John Bartolovich Tel: 4.391.9276
imgHigh School Team Monique McClurg Tel: 216 346 2574
imgU8 Emily Mack Tel. 440-488-2912
imgU9 Yellow Rich Schaedler Tel. 440.336.0628
imgU8/9 Royals Amy Marino Tel. 440.821.6658
imgU10 Yellow Rebecca Holthaus Tel. 440-836-2685
imgU10 Royals Gemma Smith Tel. 216.482.4876
imgU11 Sheila Essig Tel. 203-209-6900
imgU12 Christine Dombrosky Tel. 440-391-7456
imgU13 Emily Mack Tel. 440-488-2912
imgU14 Kin Di Lalla Tel: 440.537.6536
imgU15 Nick De Gennaro Tel: 216 409-1048
imgU16 Maria Hunter Tel. 216-312-3297
imgU17 Yellow Charlie Platia Tel: 440.476.9214
imgHigh School Team Charlie Platia Tel: 440.476.9214
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To arrange a Tryout at any point in time, please contact Dani.
Please click on the schedule to find Location / Age Group and Times.
Every player needs to mail in the Tryout Form and 175$ deposit prior to attending. If you make the Team, the 175$ deposit will be applied in FULL towards your fees. If you donít make the team, the Tryout will cost 10$, and you will be reimbursed the 165$ that is left.
mini lyons

Soccer Program for the 5-8 year old - professional coaches - this unique program will focus on small-sided soccer, the technical and tactical aspects of soccer training, foot skills and Lot's of FUN.

CS Mini Lyons


If you missed our Tryouts and are looking for a team in the Fall, please call Dani - 216.926.3769 or email

CS Tryouts

awards & cups

Cleveland Select Soccer Club Awards & Cups.

CS Awards & Cups

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