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U14 Girls games schedule
Age Group Day Date Time Field Home Away
U14 Girls Sat 11.08.2014 7:00 PM MULTIPLEX 3 CS (OH) EVEREST
U14 Girls Sat 11.15.2014 2:00 PM LNSP B CS (OH) CSA
U14 Girls Sun 11.23.2014 2:00 PM LNSP B CS (OH) Erie Admirals
U14 Girls Sat 11.29.2014 10:30 AM Soccer Sportsplex North Olmstead,31515 LORAIN ROAD, NORTH OLMSTED, OHIO - 440-979-9997 CS (OH) EXCALIBUR
U14 Girls Sat 12.06.2014 8:00 AM CSU 3 CS (OH) AFC
U14 Girls Sat 12.13.2014 8:00 AM CSU 1 CS (OH) OP FIRE BLACK
U14 Girls Sun 12.21.2014 7:00 PM MULTIPLEX 2 CS (OH) OP FIRE RED
U14 Girls Sat 06.06.2015 TBA Lost Nation Sports Park,38630 Jet Center Pl, Willoughby, Ohio, CS (OH) Ohio State Cup
U14 Girls Sun 06.07.2015 TBA Lost Nation Sports Park,38630 Jet Center Pl, Willoughby, Ohio, CS (OH) Ohio State Cup
U14 Girls Team
Name Hometown
 Katie Engle
 Livi Harmath
 Cora Grunden
 Jane O'Donnell
 Julia Frank
 Maddie Engoglia
 Ashton Hunt
 Alexis Marin
 Janie Boyle
 Meredith Herbruck
 Claire Stephenson
 Crandall Julia
 Jenny Bendokas
 Matt Tainner Coach
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To arrange a Tryout at any point in time, please contact Dani.
Please click on the schedule to find Location / Age Group and Times.
Every player needs to mail in the Tryout Form and 175$ deposit prior to attending. If you make the Team, the 175$ deposit will be applied in FULL towards your fees. If you donít make the team, the Tryout will cost 10$, and you will be reimbursed the 165$ that is left.
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Soccer Program for the 5-8 year old - professional coaches - this unique program will focus on small-sided soccer, the technical and tactical aspects of soccer training, foot skills and Lot's of FUN.

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If you missed our Tryouts and are looking for a team in the Fall, please call Dani - 216.926.3769 or email

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