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We have room in all the Summer Camps. Please submit registration ( electronically or via mail ) and mail payment to the Clubs mailing adress. You can reach Dani at
1. Please register here
2. please mail payment to 9945 Bainbridge Rd, Auburn, 44023.
I do have room in all the Summer Camps. Please register on line.
For each camper who specifies which CS player referred them to camp (and is not a CS player themselves), the CS player will receive a $25 credit towards their camp fee. Credits in excess of the $100 camp fee will be applied toward their fall session fees. To receive this special discount, the referred camper must have the CS player's name on their camp registration form.

Cleveland Select has grown on the positive environment and coaching it provides to its players. You can now offer this opportunity to your community. Our professional staff is available for summer camps in your community. Please contact us to set up your Summer Camp.
Registration Forms and
Summer Camp Flier
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Cleveland select Soccer Camp is directed by Dani Giulvezan, offers the best opportunity to for soccer players who want to improve. The camp is targeted for player development. This fun environment will provide girls and boys ways to become more comfortable with the ball, learn specific skills and exercises enhancing ball control and confidence.

Cleveland Select Soccer Camps are directed by Dani Giulvezan, who says, “I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries in Europe, including Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, and Romania. I have observed how these countries approach their youth soccer programs, and why they have obtained so much international success. I have created a soccer program based on what I have observed and what I know will help your kids become better. This style of teaching and coaching provides the means to develop techniques and habits of a good soccer player.”

Every player will receive a Complimentary Camp T-Shirt.

Camps will be limited on the number of campers/players; ensuring a proper coach to player ratio. Don’t get closed out sign up early!

City Location Date Time $
Mayfied Parkview
(300 North Commons Blvd,
Mayfield Village, 44143) / Full Day
6/5 - 6/9 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM 185$
Mayfied Parkview
(300 North Commons Blvd,
Mayfield Village, 44143
) / Half Day
6/5 - 6/9 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM 120$
Gates Mills Hawken Upper School 7/17 - 7/21 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM / Full Day 185$
  9:00 AM to 11:00 AM / Half Day 120$
Gates Mills Hawken Upper School 7/24 - 7/28 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM / Full Day 185$
  9:00 AM to 11:00 AM / Half Day 120$
Gates Mills * Hawken Upper School
- For High school Players
7/24 - 7/28 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM 250$
* Our Summer High School Camp will be held at the Hawken Upper School on July – 24, 25,26,27,28 - from 4-8 PM. We will be concentrating on TEAM ACTIVITIES. Topics, such us, attacking and defending shapes will be the focus. Styles of play depending on opponent, counter attack, finish off the game and skill our opponent. This is a VALUABLE experience and a great opportunity to get some intense training before your season starts. I believe the players that participated last year would agree that is a great experience.
Attention Cleve Select Families: All current Cleve Select families receive a camp discount.
30$ off the Full Day Camp and 15$ off the Half Day Camp.
Make sure you bring your swimming trunks.

At The Parkview Camp will finish the day at Mayfield Village Pool - 425 North Commons Boulevard.
Drop off - at the soccer fields at Mayfield Village Pool - 425 North Commons Boulevard.
Pick Up - at the soccer fields at Mayfield Village Pool - 425 North Commons Boulevard, every day but Friday, when pick up is at the pool.
Mayfield Village, OH 44143.On the Last day of the Camp we will be attending the pool. Players pick up by parents at 3:00pm at the Mayfield Village Pool.

Hawken Camps Location
Drop off - At the Pavilion at Hawken upper school.
Players pick up - 3:00pm - Swimming Pool Lobby or by the Pavilion at the Soccer Fields - Hawken Upper School - 12734 County Line Rd, Gates Mills,O, 44026.
At Hawken on some of the days will finish the day at Hawken Swimming Pool/Hawken Upper School - located on the Big White Building on your right hand side - Players pick up - 3:00pm.

Every participant will receive a Cl Select BackPack.
Please bring:
Soccer Shoes, Inflated Soccer Ball, Shin Guards, Packed Lunch, Plenty of Water, Extra Socks, Rain Gear.
Camp Director
     Dani Giulvezan
     e-mail Dani
Cleveland Select running Soccer Camps for other communities. Please email Dani, if you would like a camp
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To arrange a Tryout at any point in time, please contact Dani.
Please click on the schedule to find Location / Age Group and Times.
Every player needs to mail in the Tryout Form and 175$ deposit prior to attending. If you make the Team, the 175$ deposit will be applied in FULL towards your fees. If you donít make the team, the Tryout will cost 10$, and you will be reimbursed the 165$ that is left.
mini lyons

Soccer Program for the 5-8 year old - professional coaches - this unique program will focus on small-sided soccer, the technical and tactical aspects of soccer training, foot skills and Lot's of FUN.

CS Mini Lyons


If you missed our Tryouts and are looking for a team in the Fall, please call Dani - 216.926.3769 or email

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