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Premier Soccer
A at the youth level, soccer is divided in 3 levels recreational, travel, premier . Recreational and travel programs are usually coached by parents. Premier Soccer is Coached by individuals that have a good Insight in to this game, passion for it, can play it, demo, and have a national License.


Who are the Coaches @ CS
A all of our Coaches have played Soccer growing up. All of our Coaching stuff are still playing the Beautiful Game on weekly bases . We have that passion about the game that we can pass on to the young players .


When can I bring my kid for a tryout?
We accept children for tryouts throughout the year. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. The tryout fee is $10.


Equipment questions.
All the equipment required needs to the responsibility of the child's parents. Soccer shoes and padding is your choice. T-shirts, shorts and socks will be ordered with the help of the coach in the team colors. The soccer balls need to be inflated all the time. It is the players responsibility.


Can my kid carpool with other kids?
Once you enroll in the team, go ahead and discuss this matter with the other parents and or with the Coach.


Are there sponsorship funds available?
Sponsorship is not available at this time by Cleveland Select, however we will focus on this issue in the near future. You may inquire if any sponsorship funds are available in your company or business. If so, please let us know. This can help us pay for equipment and improve the game all around.


What chances does my kid have to become a star soccer player?
There is always a chance that your child possesses great abilities in the sport of soccer. In this area opportunities are endless. Soccer is a fast growing sport in the USA, but around the globe soccer is the most played sport. Every country on the planet has a Club and or National Teams. We will support you all the way in promoting your child soccer capabilities.


Where are the training fields and where are the games played?
Training takes place outdoors except the cold season, when we will train indoor. Fields and indoor domes and facilities are scattered throughout the Greater Cleveland Area. Check with your team schedule and get a directions or a map to ease your driving.

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mini lyons

Soccer Program for the 5-8 year old - professional coaches - this unique program will focus on small-sided soccer, the technical and tactical aspects of soccer training, foot skills and Lot's of FUN.

CS Mini Lyons


If you missed our Tryouts and are looking for a team in the Fall, please call Dani - 216.926.3769 or email

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Cleveland Select Soccer Club Awards & Cups.

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